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Site Help - Member Access & Features


When you are logged in as an authorized individual from a member organization in a MISA chapter, the site turns into an interactive, feature-rich experience. Here is a quick overview of what a member representative will see.

Member Area – Below are the members-only feature descriptions. Some do not appear until you log in.

Under the Members Area navigation you will see these features:

1. Your Profile Home – This collection of links is the same as those found in the Your Profile section on the left side of the site.

2. Manage Your Profile – Permits a member’s primary contact to manage the posted information, create personal web pages and more.

3. Group Rooms - Chapter, Committee & SIG team rooms. See the Groups Room information below.

4. Discussion Forums – Houses "The Water Cooler” forum. As new general MISA forums are identified they will be placed in the section.

5. Document Share – Member representatives can upload documents to share with other members. These documents could be policies you have created, RFP templates or anything else you feel would be beneficial to others.

6. Who's Online Now – Viewers can see what other member representatives are logged in and have enabled the permission to enable others to chat with them. Click on the member and select Chat Now. 

Group Rooms Navigation

Group Rooms is for interaction with MISA groups. When you sign in as a member representative, all the Chapter, Committee and SIG group rooms will appear as a fly-out from this menu.

There is a Group feed, which will be updated by group members when they add new information to the room. Information can be shared in many ways. Blogs, forums and photo galleries are all features that can be used to deliver the MISA members’ information.

Blogs are a great way to see details or information in a timeline fashion. You can also subscribe to these blogs, so you can be notified of any new additions or changes.

Forums are another feature that can be used to create interactive discussions on topics. You can also subscribe to these forums or just individual topics. You can also subscribe to the Forum Digest, which will send you a daily update of all changes or additions. 

Viewing a Profile

When you view your organization’s profile, or that of another member, you will see certain functions and features. These are controlled in the Manage Profile section. If they are activated, you will see:

Feeds – These are populated by your groups and connections. It can take up to one day to have feeds populated here, but you will see them on the Group pages if you visit them.

Wall – This is your own personal timeline where you can post updates to display on your wall or in your connections feeds. This can also take up to a day to appear on others’ feeds.

Profile Pages – These are the custom pages you can create from the Manage Profile section.

More – Clicking here gives you access to Favourites, Blogs, Photo Galleries and Files and Links. 

Your Profile Features

In your profile, you can manage and maintain your presence throughout the site. Below are tips and tricks about what you can do to customize the information about your member organization that appears within the site.

1. Profile Home – Contains your Feeds, Wall and Bio. Feeds are pulled from other groups that you are a member of. Your wall is a place where you can post something to appear in others’ feeds. Your bio is the information you permit other members to view.

2. Manage Your Profile – In this section you can maintain your profile. All the categories are well described on the page. From here you can create your own blogs, pages, photo galleries and files and links to share with other members. You can even input your own resume/CV here as well as upload job (career) postings on behalf of your organization.

3. Groups – List all the groups of which you are a member. Here are also listed the groups that are used for specialized team work, which are maintained by the site administrator.

4. Networks – This is a location to add external social networks.

5. Files & Links – Here member representatives can upload and share files or links of interest.

6. Favourites – You can list the Favourites you have bookmarked throughout the site. This is done by clicking on the star in the header of a page. You may not always be able to mark a page as a favourite. Usually, these are system-generated pages.

7. Messages – Member representatives can have an internal messaging mailbox. If you would like to be notified when someone sends a message to you, ensure that you have set that preference in Manage Profile.

8. Connections – You can maintain a list of connections you have connected to throughout the membership. Once connected, you can easily group people, and send them all a message at once. At the bottom of the page you will see the options to move your connections into different categories. 

When Signed in as an Organization -- Public Profile

Profile Home vs Public Profile

When you are in Your Profile, you will notice the Profile Home and the Public Profile links. At first glance when you click on these, they may appear to have identical information. The Public Profile link actually shows you what the public will see if they do a member search and your organization appears. The Profile Home link shows you all details that you have entered.