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About MISA - National Vendor Program


Welcome to the National Vendor Program

Companies that participate in regional chapters of MISA/ASIM Canada are now offered a way to enhance their municipal visibility through a national program.

The National Vendor Program entitles member companies to benefits on a national level and from each of the five chapters: MISA Atlantic, MISA BC, MISA Ontario, MISA Prairies and RIMQ (Réseau de l'Informatique Municipale du Québec).

All of the chapters have formally approved the program, which simplifies their relationships with companies wishing to be associated with multiple MISA/ASIM Canada chapters.  Each chapter also maintains its own vendor-relationship program independently, providing regional benefits.  Companies not wishing to participate in the national program can continue to participate at the individual chapter level, if they prefer.

Companies that join the national program have the convenience of a single billing for all chapters across Canada.  They pay only one annual national fee, saving administrative costs.

It was in response to vendors’ requests for such convenience that MISA/ASIM Canada implemented the National Vendor Program in 2014.  We solicit and respond to feedback about the program with the aim of continuous improvement, recognizing that there is a symbiotic business relationship between municipalities and ITC companies that is fundamental to the efficient delivery of municipal services.

Benefits from MISA/ASIM Canada cover a long list of opportunities for contacts and communication with municipal ITC leaders.  Among them, companies obtain recognition on the MISA/ASIM Canada website and can identify themselves on their own websites as partners of the MISA/ASIM Canada program, including use of its logo.  

Vendors perceive high value in having direct interactions with municipal ITC leaders, particularly CIOs.  MISA/ASIM Canada’s MCIO Summit affords vendor participants a day and a half of direct contact with CIOs.  Members of the National Vendor Program receive first priority for participation in the Summit.

Administration and Fees

Members of the program pay an annual fee of $2,500 plus applicable taxes.  

Companies that join the national program also automatically become vendor members/partners/patrons in all five chapters.  They have access to national and regional contacts for timely delivery of benefits.

MISA/ASIM Canada collects the membership fees at the beginning of each fiscal (calendar) year, then allocates appropriate fees to chapters.  All chapters receive revenue from every national vendor member.  An amount exceeding the total allocations is left over as funding for MISA/ASIM Canada.


This program was made possible by months of work by Roy Wiseman, executive director of MISA/ASIM Canada, and the National Vendor Program Working Group – Dan Munns of Whitchurch-Stouffville, Ontario; Sabina Visser of Lethbridge, Alberta, and Clifton Lo of Bell Canada – as well as extensive review time by the chapter executives.



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